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What is natural wine?

Natural wines are unfiltered.  Some winemakers use clay amphora pots to ferment the wines. They also may leave the wine in contact with the skins for an extended period of time. These wines are usually unoaked.

Natural wines are known for being funkier, gamier, yeastier. They are cloudy in appearance, and much less fruity. Natural wine taste is much more sour and yeasty.

There is no official or regulated definition of natural wine.

Interesting Facts

A standard size wine bottle contains 25 ounces of wine.  30ml = 1 ounce, therefore 30ml x 25 oz = 750ml per bottle of wine. Size matters, especially if you are having a party. 🎈🎉🍾

Here is a handy chart of wine bottle sizes:


          Name                                            Bottle Conversion                         Wine amount

Half Bottle .5 bottle 12.5 oz 375ml
Standard Bottle 1 bottle 25 oz 750ml
Magnum 2 bottles 50 oz 1.5 ltr
Double Magnum 4 bottles 100 oz 3 ltr
Jeroboam 6 bottles 150 oz 4.5 ltr
Imperial 8 bottles 200 oz 6 ltr
Salmanazar 12 bottles 300 oz 9 ltr
Balthazar 16 bottles 400 oz 12 ltr
Nebuchadnezzar 20 bottles 500 oz 15 ltr




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