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Let’s talk wine questions…you have them, I can help!


Ted the Old Wine Guy answers your burning wine questions

Is wine gluten free?

As you probably know, gluten is a protein found in grains such as barley, rye and wheat. Oats contain avenin, similar to gluten, but most people with celiac disease can safely eat them. However, oats can become contaminated while being processed alongside barley, wheat, and rye.


Wines are made from grapes, not grains, so they are gluten free. If a wine did contain gluten greater than 20 parts per million, the producer would have to alert the consumer on the label.

Is wine vegan friendly?

If wine is gluten free it must be vegan friendly, right? Wrong!


Many wines are filtered, especially white and sparkling wines, using milk protein, egg whites, gelatin or isinglass (fish-based). All of these filtering, or fining, products are removed along with the haze they collect. Not sure which wines are vegan? Come see me, or go to Barnivore they keep an up-to-date list of vegan and not vegan wines.


For more in-depth discussion on vegan and gluten free wines, check out this post.

One of my favorite wine questions…I bought this wine at a restaurant/wine shop/grocery store and it doesn’t taste good at all. What should I do?

Let’s talk about how to know if there is something wrong with your wine:

  • The wine smells like moldy cardboard, wet newspapers, or a dirty wet dog.
  • A vinegar odor and taste are present in the wine.
  • The wine smells like nail polish remover.
  • A young wine looks discolored or faded, a white wine is looks amber, dark gold or brownish.

If the wine you ordered at a restaurant is suspect, have the server or wine steward taste the wine. The restaurant should happily replace a bad wine with a comparable bottle of your choice.


When you notice an off odor or taste in your wine, don’t pour it out, but replace the cork or cap and return the bottle to the store where you purchased it as soon as possible. Don’t forget to bring the receipt.


We at Pour Vous stand behind our products 100%, we want to know if we have defective wine on the shelf.

I have several wines at home. What is the proper way to store them?

Wine storage is key to keep them from deteriorating and let age nicely. Here are the best tips:

  • Keep bottles with corks on their sides.
  • Store wines in a cool, dry, and calm place. No sun, heat, or vibrations.
  • The ideal storage temperature for all wines is between 54 and 60 degrees F.
  • Wine will deteriorate quickly at consistent temperatures above 70°F.
  • Having your wine in a car on a warm day for as little as 20 minutes will cook it, and you may even notice the cork bulging out because of the heat.

Take care of your wine, it’s surprisingly fragile – just like your old aunt Violet, only opposite because she likes her room best at 92 (bleeping) degrees!


Tune in again for more of your wine questions, expertly answered by me!


Ted, the Old Wine Guy