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Here at Pour Vous, we are lucky to have Ted in store helping people learn more about wines. Ted likes to teach (talk to) as many people as he can about wines and wine pairing (and everything else!). Sometimes, we have to share him with the local community. He wanted to share with everyone what he’s been up to lately. 

Be sure to stop by the store and let Ted help you find the best wine for you based on your taste. Tell him your favorite and he will make suggestions on other wines that he thinks you may enjoy.  He will be happy to help you pair the best wine for your dinner party, date night, or if you are just having a Coco’s Pizza alone!  

Ted’s Latest Adventure!

Sorry I haven’t been doing any blogs lately! No, I was not in Rehab! I have been doing private wine tastings here in Hendersonville. Here is the proof!

(Photos have been altered to protect the identity of the innocent. 🙂 )

Tasting wines from Italy along with an Italian dinner sponsored by a local business and NO the suit is not a rental!

The Old Wine Guy!