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  • AKA- Muscat, Moscatel, Moscatello, Moscato

The Moscato grape is a delicate and delicious, slightly sparkling wine that is very refreshing, usually low in alcohol.  It is a wonderful dessert and brunch wine.  These wines almost always have sweet floral aromas with flavors of citrus, rose and peach notes along with sweetness from start to finish.  The Muscat family of grapes include over 200 grape varieties that have been used in wine production throughout the world for many centuries.

  • FYI – The Muscadine grape is not related to the Moscato family and is native to southeastern and south central USA.

Here are a few of the delicious Moscatos we have at Pour Vous:

  •      Terre Gaie Moscato   –   Italy      $ 13.99
  •      Stella Rosa Moscato d’Asti   –   Italy      $ 11.99
  •      Allegro   Moscato      –   California      $ 9.99
  •      Makula Moscato   –   South Africa      $ 8.99
  •      Casa de Campo Moscato   –   Argentina      $ 7.99