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     Wines begin to be damaged at about 70 degrees.  Did you know your car may reach over 100 degrees in 30 minutes during our hot summer days?!  The first sign that your wine may be damaged is the bottle feels warm to hot.  Long term heat may shrink the cork and cause the cork to come out of the bottle and even begin to leak. Once opened, the wine may be tangy or astringent in taste.  Fruit flavors become acidic.

     To protect your wines keep them in a cool (55 – 65 degree), dry and dark area at all times with no direct sunlight.  The produce drawer in your refrigerator is a great place to store all wine varietals.  When you are ready to drink a bottle, just remove 20-30 minutes beforehand and your wine will be the perfect temperature to enjoy!

     The staff at Pour Vous! is here to assist and answer questions so you can select and enjoy wine at its best.

    Stay cool friends.  The Old Wine Guy,