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Shop Local

Supporting small, locally owned businesses means:

  • Money spent here, stays here – we use your hard-earned cash to support other locally owned small businesses, the whole economy wins.
  • Diverse product selection and low overall prices created by a thriving marketplace of small businesses.
  • Jobs for locals: we hire people who care about the customer relationship, who have unique product knowledge, and who then spend their money in our community.
  • Tourist attraction, small businesses create opportunity for travelers looking to spend their time and money in unique, “different from home” places.
  • Giving back, small business owners generously support local non-profits on average 250% more than large chains.
  • Products and services selected with you in mind, not on a national sales strategy. We know you, we listen to what you want and need, and we source accordingly.
  • Less environmental impact, greater self-sufficiency = sustainable, stable, and strong.
  • Just look at all the good you’re doing!

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