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Let’s talk alternative wine packaging or WHAT HAPPENED TO MY WINE IN A BOTTLE WITH A CORK?!?

I grew up in an era with wine either in a big ‘ol jug or a nice bottle with a real cork…that was it, and I was happy!








Next came wine in a bottle with a “synthetic cork”, something that is not really a cork at all. I got used to this plug. At least I could still use my corkscrew to open my wine, and I was happy!

What? A screw cap!! Say it isn’t so.The first bottles of wine with screw tops were less expensive, and not very good wines. Many wineries avoided using them, and sealed the better wines with a real cork. Ah, the ritual of pulling the cork and checking its integrity still held as an honored tradition, and I was happy!

These days, screw caps are not an indicator of price and quality in wine. Here are some thoughts on that subject. I guess my corkscrew can live in the back of that one drawer. Hope I can find it on those rare occasions when the wine opening calls for tradition!

That’s only the beginning, even more alternative wine packaging to come…

Boxes, wine in boxes! I call them “cardboardoes” and am having a bit of a hard time getting used to this! The box and liner do keep the wine fresh for several weeks, much longer than in a bottle.

If boxes weren’t crazy enough, there is now wine in cans, Tetra Paks® (think soy milk carton), pouches with straws like juice boxes for grown-ups, even individual plastic cups sold in a stack! What could possibly be next?

Okay, I just poured myself a glass of wine from a bottle with a cork. I’m relaxing and happy.

The Bottom Line

Wine is global and for everyone. Wineries are making it easier to carry and drink wine at outdoor concerts, on picnics, boats, planes, trains, and in limos. Good times can be better with wine no matter what kind of container it’s poured from.

The wine inside is what matters, so open a bottle, box, can, or whatever and pour yourself a glass. While you savor the deliciousness remember life is too short to fret over alternative wine packaging.


Enjoy wine and enjoy each other, my friends.


Pour Vous! For You!

Ted- The Old Wine Guy