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Ted Answers More Questions!

I really enjoy talking to our customers about wine!

Here are more questions about wine from our customers.

Q – What is the indentation on the bottom of a wine bottleWine Punt

A – The indentation on the bottom of the bottle is called a “punt”.  Historically, punts were put on bottles to help them stand upright therefore, it has nothing to do with the quality of wine. While, punts no longer serve a structural function, winemakers still add them to continue the tradition.

Q – I enjoy wine and entertaining friends. How can I save money in my wine budget?

A – We have many good quality wines for around $10.  (Bogle, Save Me San Francisco Wine Co.)
Box wines are certainly a good choice. They provide you 4-5 bottles in a box at a good price.  In addition, the quality of the wine has gotten much better over the years.

Stop by on Tuesday, we have a 10% discount when you buy two bottles or boxes of wine. In addition, we offer a case discount every day!  

Come by and see me, I will be happy to help!

Q – Is wine in a box good wine?WIne box Stock

A – Years ago, the quality of the wines available was poor.  (I called them “card bor deux”!) In contrast, the quality of wines being produced for boxed wine today has risen tremendously.



Some of the benefits of box wines:

Box Wine Stock

  • relatively inexpensive
  • remain fresh longer than an open bottle of wine
  • easy portability
  • economical
  • great for parties
  • require less packaging and energy to produce than bottles
  • packaging often uses 100% recycled materials

My personal pick for a box wine is Black Box Merlot (also,the Cabernet isn’t bad either!)

Thank you for supporting Pour Vous. I am looking forward to seeing you and assisting you.

Enjoy! 🍷

Ted – The Old Wine Guy!