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For the month of October we will be featuring the Michael David Winery from, Lodi, California.

Michael and David are Michael and David Phillips, brothers, whose family has farmed in Lodi since the 1850’s.

The family continues to emphasize the importance of quality wines with unique and fun labels.

Pour Vous carries 15 different wines from the Michael David Winery:

  1. 1.Sauvignon Blanc-Light in body but full of flavors. $14.99
  2. 2.Chardonnay-Two styles blended in one bottle $14.99
  3. 3.Petite Petit- Petite Syrah, Petit Verdot blend (85%-15%blend) $17.99
  4. 4.6th Sense Syrah- full bodied wine from old Syrah wines. $15.99
  5. 5.Incognito Red Blend-blended with 7 different varietals. $15.99
  6. 6.Freakshow Cabernet-A bold rich Cabernet $19.99
  7. 7.Rapture Cabernet-Represents the very best Cabernet by MDW $56.99
  8. 8.Inkblot Tannat- Fairly unknown varietal-big on flavor $40.99
  9. 9.Inkblot Cabernet Franc-Fairly unknown verietal-big and bold $37.99
  10. 10.Earthquake Zinfandel-Rich,ripe and powerful Zinfandel $24.99
  11. 11. 7 Deadly Zins-Sinful blend of Lodi Old Vine Zinfandels $14.99
  12. 12.Lust-Lodi-My favorite Sin….I mean Zin $56.99
  13. 13.Gluttony-Amador-No holds barred portly Zinfandel $56.99
  14. 14.Sloth-Mendocino-Bright flavors, medium finish, ample Spice $56.99
  15. 15.Rage-Dry Creek-Unbelievable flavors and aromas $71.99

Many of you met David Phillips in Pour Vous on September 15,2015 when he was here autographing bottles and sharing the Michael David Winery story.

Come see us at Pour Vous and look for Ted the ole wine guy.